January 3, 2019

Colic and your Baby’s Sleep

When you have a baby it is often a wonderful but overwhelming time, weather it be your first or next child. The most important part of being a parent to a newborn is helping them learn to feed, sleep, bond and relax into the world around them...

October 16, 2018

Iron, Children and Sleep!

Iron is one of the most important dietary requirements for your child. As parents we are often aware that our children from the age of 6 month (or when they start solids as young as 17weeks) need a healthy amount of iron in their diet to be ab...

June 27, 2018

One of the hardest parts of being a parent is learning how to manage and cope with sleep deprivation. A large majority of our sleep deprivation as parent is due overnight wakening and feeds. Overnight wakening’s and feeding is part of life for parent in the first part...

May 18, 2018

Before we even have children we often have some kind of opinion on if our child will use a dummy or not. Then when we have a children and our opinion can soon change. Whether you love them or hate them, dummies can be an effective tool to help your child achieve a qual...

May 14, 2018

Nap time can be challenging to balance, then when you finally feel like you’re in a balanced routine, it’s time to change or drop a nap period. Nap transition or dropping naps can be confusing. We are often unsure of the right time and the right way to transition throu...

May 4, 2018

Early morning wake ups, that dreaded word we all hate but seem to think is a given when having children. Do our children wake wanting to start the day before the sun comes up because they hate us, or because they are so excited to spend more the of an already long day...

April 28, 2018

What a joyous moment when you first bring home a new baby. The weeks that then follow this can often be exhausting and overwhelming at times. The newborn age and sleep can bring its own challenges. However, there are things we can do as parents to help us stress less a...

April 20, 2018

As we know sleep is such an important part of our children’s lives. As parents we work really hard to help our children sleep as best as possible, to encourage a heathy and happy developing child. The first 12 months of a child’s life can feel like their sleep is forev...

April 4, 2018

Ask Dad About Sleep….

I do have to admit the majority of time, when working with family to help improve their child or children’s sleep, I am speaking with mothers. This does not mean that dad is less interested or supportive, it is often due to the fact that mothers ar...

February 4, 2018

No matter how many children you have or how old they are, our parenting goals are often the same throughout their life….. “Aim for perfection in every area of our parenting/personal/work life”.        

So then what does perfection really me...

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