"I couldn't recommend Che and Dreamy Baby any more. In two weeks I went from having a baby that slept in the carrier only for day sleeps and woke 5/6 times a night to nearly all day sleep in her bed and waking 1/2 times a night. Now two weeks after our time together my baby is sleeping through the night 12hrs and all day naps in her bed. Che is dedicated and passionate and I will be going back to her every time I need help." Kate 

"Consulting with Che to get my 18 month old sleeping was something I wish I'd done alot sooner. I contacted Che because my 18 month old had always slept in the bed with me and would only fall asleep if being breastfed or rocked. She'd wake constantly through the night and wasn't going down until 10pm most nights. With 2 other children to take care of and a husband who works away, my days and nights especially were stressful and extremely tiring. Che's choses of 4 different sleep programs meant I could choose the way I was most comfortable with to get my baby girl sleeping. The phone consults were so encouraging and informative that I had no doubts I'd get my little one sleeping the way I wanted and the way she needed to be. Within days she knew the new routine and loved it and had even started sleeping from 7pm to 6am. after a week she was going to sleep almost straight after putting her down with no fussing. I now have a much less stressful life and actually get some me time. The difference is amazing. Highly recommend. You will not regret it." Kacey

"Before I reached out to Che for help my 6 month old had been co sleeping with me and always fed to sleep since birth. Che provided my husband and I the steps and information in creating a sleep rountine and to my disbelief within 2 weeks we were able to put him in his cot in his own room and he would put himself to sleep with no crying! Also he was only waking 1-2 times a night! I can't thank Che enough for her wealth of knowledge, everyone is so much happier and most importantly sleeping better!" Alisha

I was the ‘benchmark of bad’ mum.

Of my mothers’ group, my delightful child was the only one not sleeping.  My happy daytime baby wasn’t just not sleeping, he was waking up multiple times throughout the night.  My worst night, I counted to 17.

9 months of sleep deprivation is really enough to send anyone to the looney bin.  I fully understood why it’s used as a torture method.  I couldn’t focus, I was angry, emotional and utterly exhausted.  It was affecting my work, my marriage and ultimately, my experience of motherhood. If this was the affect it was having on me, what was it doing to my 9 month old?

At my breaking point, I contacted Che Ruddell for professional advice.  In all honesty, I was afraid of sleep training.  My baby had been rocked to sleep since birth and crying was always lovingly avoided. I guess I had always associated sleep training with ‘cry it out’ and that my weak heart meant I would obviously fail at it.

Che squashed all of those concerns.  With a sleep training schedule design especially for Carter, we were then able to pick a sleep training method that best suited our parenting technique. 

From the second night of implementing this method, and following Che’s instructions to a T, I was putting Carter down at 6.30pm and not seeing him again until 7am the next morning.  No one was more shocked then me. I was bewildered that I was actually feeling a sense of missing my child by the morning!

I completely valued Che’s support over our two weeks of working together over the phone.  She really is a fountain of knowledge and always took the extra time to answer just one more question. In analysing Carter’s sleep logs, Che was able to adjust and alter our plan to suit.  I was blown away with how her suggested methods really worked and was a bit in awe of this baby whisper.

Che, you have changed our world. I will be forever grateful and sing your praises wherever I go. So this is my thank you to you.  I’m also writing this in the hopes that even just one struggling mum reads this and decides to give it a go – you are not alone and there definitely is hope. Erin X

"J and i just wanted to send you an email to say thankyou again for all your support during the process these last weeks.

We never thought going into this that we would have the outcome we do now, and the best part being there was minimal tears through this whole process.

We are so greatfull and now have a happy boy whose behavior has now improved significantly due to his great sleeping habits.

Thankyou again Che. 

All the best, S and J "

Hi Che,

I'd just like to take a moment to give a heart felt thanks for all of the effort and support you have given my partner and I during our sleep training process.

When I first contacted you I was an absolute mess! Feeling anxious about night time as I knew our 9month would be awake crying within the hour of going to bed. She would only settle on the breast and would wake a minimum of 5 times a night which lead to us co sleeping as we have 2 other children to look after.

My partner works away on an uneven roster and after 9months of broken sleep, unpredictable days, kids schooling etc enough was enough! This is when I emailed you unloading all of my emotion and concerns to you. You responded quickly and were ready to take the bull by the horns and work with me. 

The sleep plan you had written to work around our  lifestyle seemed impossible at first! I remember our first phone call and I was feeling so anxious! It was being terrified of the unknown and whether or not this was going to work. You reassured me that in my own time and when I'm ready to start, that everything will be ok. Not to rush the program. I bit the bullet and started that next day.. wow! Just wow! We are still mind blown that within 3 days our unsettled, milk loving baby was sleeping through the night!! She went from one half an hour nap through the day to having 2 full naps. We can not believe it. Our household is so much happier and more functional than ever.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for your assistance and guidance. We spread your name where we can! You're our answer when we're asked, "you look alot brighter and happier, what are you doing different?".

Hopefully we don't need to speak again (because we have this down pat now 😉)



A and E 🙂